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Why an Exhibition?

During my primary research on the Golden Ratio one thing became clear. Whilst ‘pro’ photographers had a fairly good understanding of the Golden Ratio, or at least the ‘rule of thirds’, almost all ‘snapshots photographers participating in the project had … Continue reading

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Half Way Post

I’m just past half way in this project and I thought it would be a good idea to review my progress to date. Just to recap. My four primary goals for project one are: To explore the concept of the … Continue reading

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Project 1.1 – The Golden Ratio

Working title: The Use the Golden Ratio in Modern Photography What is the intended idea of the project? To examine the use the Golden Ratio in modern photography and photographer perceptions about its value in creating ‘visually pleasing” photographs Why … Continue reading

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MA – Project One

Over the past weeks I have been racking my mind over what a suitable first project for my MA could be. My one and only set brief is to photograph something that i’ve never done before – something different. My … Continue reading

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