Post Exhibition

Today was the last day of the exhibition. Due to my short timescale I had to draw it to an end just after its been up for a week. Sad this maybe, it has served me well. The response I received from the voting has been much more than expected. Originally my aim was to have around 20 completed voting forms. I’ve got over 80, far more than I ever imagined.

Peoples engagement was reinforced by their comments. Whist watching people look at my work I could overhear comments such as “wow” and “thats cool” and it turned heads. All thanks to the Lenticular effect.

The website side didn’t quite go to plan when it was let into the wild. I had exactly the opposite response towards the voting side. I had thought that having the ability to vote when you like, where you like by the means of the internet would far outweigh the physical voting box in my exhibition. I was however wrong. People viewing the photographs online, they were also viewing them on the Mac Mini next to the exhibition.  I could tell how many page views and hits the site was getting from the information collected by my server.

Note* The reason the Number of visits is low is because the main source of hits came from the Mac Mini. That computer would count as 1 visit.

With a maximum of 25,650 amounts of hits (individual images loaded) and the amount of bandwidth (434.08 MB) going out I is clear that it was in use. Why people were not voting on the website is slightly more unclear to me.

So where next. Having looked at the results from the website I have reviewed and decided not to include any data that have been gathered from my website. This is purely because a lack of data which I have deemed would make the results irrelevant. So, the exact opposite happened. I predicted that the website would be the main source of data where in actual fact the exhibition collected far more than I anticipated.

Where does the website go from here?

I have decided to convert the website ( into a portal for all the images. I have disabled the voting system entirely and modified the text accordingly of the site to reflect the change . The website will now also house the results from my personal findings, the data from the exhibition and my overall results/concussion. I believe this is the best way to (again) exhibit and archive my work.

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