Why an Exhibition?

During my primary research on the Golden Ratio one thing became clear. Whilst ‘pro’ photographers had a fairly good understanding of the Golden Ratio, or at least the ‘rule of thirds’, almost all ‘snapshots photographers participating in the project had no knowledge of this rule of ‘good’ photographic practice. For the uninitiated, the Golden Ratio could simply have been a brand of bottled water!
Most of the participants were, however, interested in how this concept could inform or possibly improve the quality of a photographic image. I began to ponder how I could address this lack of exposure to a common photographic practice. The answer was to mount an exhibition of images to test the degree to which a random selection of observers saw the value of the Golden Ratio in creating ‘visually pleasing’ images.
The overall plan is simple – but effective. Have three photographs printed that have been taken by my volunteers with disposable cameras and mounted onto MDF using images that use the Golden Ratio and those that do not with the lenticular effect added. The viewer will first read a brief introduction statement explaining what the Golden Ratio is (in few words as possible). The viewer will then be asked to review the photographs and will then be asked to vote to signify the photographs which they consider to be the most “visually pleasing” and “least pleasing”. The one main reason I have used the lenticular image process with the Golden ratio overlaid was to try and direct the viewer into thinking about the Golden Ratio and how it works with the image and voting accordingly.

Hopefully the nature of how the lenticular image will work will:

1) Help people visualise the Golden Ratio upon my images

2) It’ll hopefully be more interesting to people walking past and therefore will generate interest within my work.

Click to enlarge

The viewer can also look at other photographs on the website, and vote on the ‘visual attractiveness’ of these images. Exhibiting like this will hopefully encourage audience interaction within my project. The voting system will also reveal whether the audiences preferred the Golden Ratio “enhanced” images or images that (consciously or otherwise) may no use of the ratio. The findings from this exercise inform section four of my project.

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