Lenticular Exhibition

Brief background

Lenticular is a technique where an image has the ability to change or move when someone passes it from a different angle. It  has been used for many children’s toys from book marks to posters since being created in the 1940’s. It also has undergone a series of technological changes allowing for much bigger posters and a better “3D’ experience. Modern day uses for this technique have lent itself to advertising graphics that allow a message to change. For example movie posters where the lead characters change according to the angle viewed upon.

I won’t be using the modern day method due to cost of producing/printing. So, I’ve gone back to basics with this technology and will be making my own. When completed it’ll be part of an exhibition whereby the viewer can walk down one side of the wall and view the images, then when walking back in the opposite direction will view the image with the Golden Ratio overlay. Before looking at the Golden Ratio side the viewer will have a change to vote if the think the photographer is professional or a “snapshot” photographer.

How it will work

The fundamental principle itself is quite simple. Take two images and interlace them together into one image. In theory this should create one image that is the same hight as the original images but double the width. Then fold and bend each line break of the image so that its like a concertina effect.

An example of interlacing images

The photo above is a flat test image that I quickly mocked up and printed out. One photograph had the Golden Ratio overlaid and the other was an unedited version of the original. They were then both spliced together to form a long photograph.

Above are the final results of the test. The technique works well. A few pointers though. The fold line has to be dead on otherwise it will leak into the next slice. Something else i’ve got to think about is how thick each slice is going to be. In the small scale test they were 3cm wide. I think it would work better if each slice was slightly wider. Next step – full scale.

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